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Hi there! I am a freelance photographer and graphic designer based in Rijeka, Croatia. I like chocolate, beer, and on this photo I’m not wearing any pants. 🙂 Thank you for visiting this page, you are probably getting married so you were brought here by love – remember this!

I discovered photography 10 years ago when my mom got a small digital camera as a gift. I kinda stole it from her and immediately knew this was what I was missing in my life. Years have passed gaining experience in almost all fields of photography, but always striving to capture the essence of emotion.. When Sladana came to my life, we started to chase our dreams and have formed our business purely out of passion for photography and hanging out with people who love each other 😀

SLADANA GRZINCICDance choreographer & photographer's assistant
Hello! My name is Slađana Grzincic. I have been dancing for more than 10 years and last couple of years I do choreographies for kids and adults. Since I was a child I knew dancing will make a significant part of my life. This love for rhythm and movement brought me where I stand today. I try to live by love and love is my main guideline in designing the choreographies for the newlyweds.

Apart dancing, I also organize weddings and make custom decorations, invitations, thank you gifts and everything you would wish to have at your wedding.

I am also Filip’s assistant and I’m being tortured by carrying his lights, backpacks, stands and other equipment no girl should ever try to pick up, let alone hold it for hours. I work for food and this is a cry for help.


If you decided to book us to photograph your wedding or any other occasion you have made the smartest choice ever, and still you may wonder how all this works and what exactly will you get.

Well, you will get a dedicated professional to document your wedding. He likes to capture spontaneous moments and as much details as he can, he specially adores low sunlight and environmental shots of couples from distance, as well as close-up intimate moments that happen in a blink of an eye. That is why he will let you do your own thing and will not interfere much in posing you, or putting your hand on your future husband’s shoulder and similar stuff. He will take you to different locations with beautiful light and leave you to love each other for a while 🙂  Further on, he has his own wife to help him at wedding or engagement sessions, but he documents weddings by himself.

As far as technical side is concerned, he uses professional Nikon equipment, and saves your memories on 2 pro SD cards simultaneously, that he later downloads on 2 parallel external hard drives, and just in case, he even makes a third copy on separate external drive.

All wedding photos go through a careful selection process and each one of them is stylishly post processed resulting in delivery of more than 1000 hand processed photos depending of the wedding. You will get all of them in full size and web resized on a gorgeous USB stick in small package along with dozen printed photos. They will be delivered without any watermarks for your free use without any obligations towards the author, as you have paid for those. However, any online tags or mentions are always very welcomed.

If you decide for a package with wedding book included, we will design a perfect layout and make high quality wedding book according to your wishes.

Sladana can also teach you some cool moves for your first dance to impress your friends and family, and can make a group choreography for you and your friends to surprise other guests at the wedding, or even to surprise each other.

We also organize whole weddings and make gorgeous decorations for your tables, invitations, thank you gifts and much more. In any case, browse our web and find out more!

Thank you!