Simona & Duje

Apart wedding photography I also do fashion, food and lifestyle shoots. However, photographing a wedding is quite different and cannot be compared to the other work I do. It includes experiencing lots of emotions and abundance of positive energy, and as far as technical side is concerned, a photographer has to be agile and has to adjust to numerous different light situations while capturing very fast and unique moments that will not happen ever again.

Fashion and wedding worlds have collided on a sunny afternoon in the heart of enchanting Tuscany. Both Simona and Duje are fashion models and I also had a pleasure to photograph Duje in the past. Unlike to fashion shootings, I do not want couples to pose for me during the wedding sessions as I like to capture sincere moments, and not carefully planned poses. I usually let them walk a bit and let them hug each other and do their own thing. A lot of stuff happens when you just leave the couple to talk and kiss for a while, there are sincere smiles and lots of romantic moments I try to freeze with my cameras.

Simona and Duje took their family and friends to fascinating property Villa Barberino with wonderful lake view.  Beautiful newlyweds, emotional ceremony, sunny afternoon, historical facades and fascinating garden were like a photographer’s dream come true. Thank you for making me a part of your special day! And for the rest of you, enjoy in the slideshow or scroll down to experience these wonderful moments.