Stephanie & Gianni

Stephanie and Gianni decided to have a small elopement in Kastav, historical town in Kvarner region of Croatia. I really enjoyed walking around with them as the day was so easy, we had plenty of time and there were plenty of cute sincere smiles too. I often shoot in Kastav, but every time I try to discover new spots, squares and details, and it gets hard as Kastav is quite small ? But this is something that I do with love and I try not to automatically repeat myself and do similar shots all over again. It is all about the effort and strong will to make something different, to exceed even your own expetations. Then I lay happy and fullfilled in my bed at night. Stephanie and Gianni gave me a cuteness overdose are they are both so beautiful and their love and smiles are contageous. It was not hard to put that energy in the photos. Feel free to scroll down and be a part of that wonderful afternoon.