Thank you for coming here to take a closer look to my photo stories. It is really hard to show so little, and even harder to do such a selection from almost a thousand successful wedding shots I deliver to each couple. However, it is not quantity that counts, but the moments, and I experience each of these moments not just once, but dozen of times – when taking the shots, when revising the shots, retouching the images, checking them once again for the finest adjustments, making selections, uploading online galleries, designing wedding books, and making the stories. Spending the most important day with the newlyweds and reliving it many times afterwards, gets me to know each couple quite personally – not only physically, but emotionally as well. Even if they may not be aware of it, they become my secret friends.

This is why wedding photography is so personal, intimate and emotional experience to me. I said it once on the front page, and I will repeat it here as well – you can’t capture love without love. I enjoy in every moment of making these photos and I hope you will sense this when browsing through these posts. Thank you for your support.